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Leased Line Services

Businesses are in the market for more band-width to accommodate increasingly rich data and video applications. Buying what they need as and when they need it.

Because our Ethernet service is offered in increasing speed increments, with a gentle step change, it enables you to choose the ‘right size’ solution and so avoid the cost (and the waste) of network over-extension.

Our Lease Line service provides you with a dedicated cable to your premises. This cable can then either be used to access the Internet via our (Internet Lease Line), or to provide a secure, high-speed connection between your premises (Point to Point Lease Line).

Ethernet Lease Lines also come with attached SLA (Service Level Agreements) from the provider. This results in quicker fault escalation and a guaranteed time to fix, something that Fibre connections do not offer.

Leased Lines are also un-contended and work on a 1:1 contention ratio. The line is yours for your traffic only.

Features and Benefits

Ethernet Lease Lines enable quick, stable connectivity to the internet.

Contention ratio

Ensures that you have full capacity on the line at all times, enabling you to run more web intense applications such as VoIP, replication and web hosting services.

Flexible Band-width

We can tailor the Ethernet service so you have a high capacity link to your own hosted network whilst retaining a set band-width speed to the internet.

Co-location benefits

All of our Leased Lines are terminated in our data centres giving unparalleled access to any hosted services that you obtain from us, including hosted servers or co-location servers.

Subject to SLA’s

From the provider to ensure that the line is always available for your business.


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