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IP Phone Systems

Break free from expensive proprietary phone systems and move up to an open standard IP PBX that increases productivity of employees and IT staff, while costing much less. Evolve your communications by enabling employee mobility: Calls to and from your extension can be made and answered seamlessly from anywhere via your iPhone or Android smartphone, whilst voice mail and faxes can be received by email.

Connect your national or global offices and re-direct local customer service numbers via the internet to your phone system at negligible cost. At Vixsoft Systems we install and maintain a software based VoIP solution called 3CX. The 3CX Phone System for Windows is an award-winning IP PBX that completely replaces your proprietary PBX, supports standard SIP soft and hard phones from any vendor, VoIP service providers and VoIP gateways to connect traditional PSTN lines. Add extensions or lines by adding standard SIP telephony equipment and save on consultants' fees because of 3CX's easy to use web-based administration.

Overcome the limitations of out-dated hardware-based PBX systems, reduce costs significantly and add advanced communications features that will make your company more efficient and competitive!

Video Presence

3CX provides full video capability - Using 3CXPhone or a SIP video phone, video calls can be made with a click of a button. 3CX includes a fax server that is able to route incoming faxes as PDFs to email.

Users can send faxes via traditional fax machines or by using a 3rd party T38 capable fax server software. With 3CX, businesses save time and money as they can forget about fax machines and extra telephone lines.

Leading SIP Hardware Support

3CX has completed inter-portability testing with leading industry VoIP hardware providers of SIP Phones and VoIP Gateways, giving businesses total vendor independence and freedom of choice. Many leading SIP Phones are compatible with the 3CX Phone System including Grandstream, Aastra, SNOM, Linksys, Cisco, Yealink, Polycom, Siemens and X-Lite.

3CX can automatically configure most SIP phones with the appropriate extension settings.

Unified Messaging

3CX Phone System for Windows delivers Unified Communications technology by unifying voice mail, fax and email along with providing presence information. With the 3CX Phone System, employees can easily see the presence of other users and avoid making or transferring calls unnecessarily.

Presence is displayed in any standards-based IP phone, as well as in the 3CX MyPhone user portal. Furthermore, 3CX unifies voice mail and faxes with email by delivering them to the user’s inbox.

Web-Based Console

With 3CX, network managers break free from the archaic user interfaces of conventional PBXs and from the traditional PBX vendor's. With the intuitive web-based console, administrators can easily create extensions and make PBX configuration changes without needing the PBX vendor directly from the browser.


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