Install & Configure Team Viewer: Guide

You will need to install this software so you can remote onto a remote machine such as your office PC.

We understand due to the events happening with CORVID-19 that a lot of our customers wish to have the ability to work from home.

As we are committed to keep your IT infrastructure supported and your ability to carry on working from home, there are however a few points to make everyone aware of.

  • An increased volume of traffic on the network may result in a slower network connection with your ISP.
  • Web page requests may be slower and responding or unable to connect depending on the volume of traffic requesting the webpage Software relying on internet connections such as Teams and Sage may be slower or unsuccessful due to higher volumes of traffic.
  • Team Viewer remote access may be slower or unsuccessful relating to increased traffic.

Please be aware we are still committed to bringing you the same level of IT support as always.

However, these points are to keep in mind should you experience connection or performance issues. We will still be dedicated with our support team at hand to assist anyway they can.