Connectivity Services

Leased Line Services

Businesses are in the market for more band-width to accommodate increasingly rich data and video applications. Buying what they need as and when they need it.

Because our Ethernet service is offered in increasing speed increments, with a gentle step change, it enables you to choose the ‘right size’ solution and so avoid the cost (and the waste) of network over-extension.

Our Lease Line service provides you with a dedicated cable to your premises. This cable can then either be used to access the Internet via our (Internet Lease Line), or to provide a secure, high-speed connection between your premises (Point to Point Lease Line).

Ethernet Lease Lines also come with attached SLA (Service Level Agreements) from the provider. This results in quicker fault escalation and a guaranteed time to fix, something that Fibre connections do not offer.

Leased Lines are also un-contended and work on a 1:1 contention ratio. The line is yours for your traffic only.

Features and Benefits

Ethernet Lease Lines enable quick, stable connectivity to the internet.




Dedicated Server Hosting

More organisations are looking to have their website, e-mail and other servers hosted externally. Coupled with this is the requirement for increased flexibility and scalability to cope with changing circumstances. This is where traditional hosting solutions can be inflexible. There is now a clear requirement for a new type of solution that can meet these demands.

Our virtual hosting platform enables customers to benefit from a hosted virtual infrastructure that is more highly available and robust than traditional hosted services. Utilising market-leading VMware technologies, it offers immediate access to the proven benefits of virtual infrastructure.

Virtual hosting offers a number of distinct advantages over traditional hosting solutions. Dedicated server offerings often lead to long-term over-capacity and a lack of flexibility, whereas our virtual hosting platform enables customers to instantly add or reduce their hosted virtual infrastructure capacity. Virtual hosting also enables customers to rely on increased flexibility and system availability that is simply not possible with traditional hosted offerings along with automatic data and systems protection and rapid recovery from failures.

Here at Vixsoft we understand that every business requires a tailored infrastructure depending on the requirements. As every business has different needs Vixsoft will tailor all infrastructure to the client needs pending site visits and creating a full scope of works for your peace of mind that you understand exactly the work we will carry out for any projects. 
Once a site visit has been carried out Vixsoft will carefully build a package together for all hardware and infrastructure needed to implement into the client network. Prices will vary depending on the specifications of the hardware and what the client is trying to achieve as an end goal. 


  • Cost effective - provides enterprise computing power at SME pricing
  • High availability - our virtual hosting platform automatically restarts a virtual machine affected by hardware failure on a different physical server, ensuring minimal down-time
  • Scalability - enables new capacity to be easily added and removed based on fluctuating needs. Customers can increase computing resources without the time and expense required to provision new hardware
  • Serviceability - enables non-disruptive migrations of virtual machines from one physical server to another, ensuring that hardware can be serviced without any service interruption


  • Utility-based computing - a flexible pool of IT resources so customers can draw capacity as needed
  • Server-based desktop management - We can host virtual machines in our data centre that customers can access from thin-client desktops with zero maintenance
  • Disaster recovery - utilising VMware features such as live migration of virtual machines. We can offer a service that enables you to recover from unplanned outages with as little downtime as possible.




Hosting Services

Getting your company online

Our web hosting and online services provides access to your website and email from the world wide web. We support Linux and Microsoft based web hosting solutions, and have a wide range of packages to suit businesses of all sizes.




Managed VPN

VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) can often be a complex overhead to manage in a company’s WAN.

Vixsoft’s Managed VPN service provides a full end-to-end managed solution, freeing you of the time-consuming task of managing such complex networks.

Our solution is based upon a range of  ZyXEL VPN firewall’s and routers to provide robust VPN connectivity, regardless of connection type or speed. Together with our support and reporting services we can provide a secure and stable solution.

Stay Connected - Backup Broadband & 4G Support

Keeping your network up and running is critical to your business. The managed VPN solutions from us support a backup broadband or 4G connection in case of a primary line failure. In locations where broadband Internet access is not widely available, such as point-of-sale (POS) or mobile applications, you can even use a 4G as the primary Internet connection.

For mission critical applications, multiple routers can be used in a redundant configuration for additional protection.

Centralised management and reporting

All Managed VPN services are managed by our highly trained support engineers. Each VPN service is monitored 24x7 by our detailed monitoring software to identify issues with connectivity and speed. Monthly reporting provides detailed up-time and SLA information along with useful stats showing the capacity of your WAN network.


  • Fully managed end to end VPN solution.
  • Can be used to provide Site to Site VPN
  • Multi-site meshed VPN’s for multiple site scenarios
  • Can be used on ADSL, SDSL, Lease Line, Ethernet and Sharedband
  • 24x7 Monitoring of remote VPN routers including stats showing uptime and SLA target times
  • Remote diagnostic and administration including software updates
  • Advanced next day hardware swap out service
  • Options for N+1 Dual failover configuration with pair of routers




ADSL Broadband Services

Our ADSL service is second to none. We only provide this service to business users and therefore can guarantee that our service is utilised for business purposes only. We can provide various types of ADSL connections on both the 20CN and 21CN network from BT.

Our internet connections are up to 20Mbps, provided that the line and exchange support such speeds. With usage policies of 50GB, 100GB and unlimited ensures that your business gets the band-width and speed that they need at all times.

Features and Benefits

Connection to the Internet is one of life’s necessities. You need to have an active internet connection to run your business effectively.




IT Support & Consultancy Services

Networking & Security

Modern technology is enabling business communication in ways never before imagined. But with the advances comes new and potentially devastating threats - both internally and externally. Many Businesses make the mistake of concentrating on technical areas before examining their information security policy. We look at the "bigger picture" approach by looking at the critical areas of your organisation.

We will help you find practical ways to enable your business to secure and protect your information systems using industry leading technology and solutions. Most understand the need to protect cars, homes, and jewellery against the unknown. But many businesses don't protect their most important asset - their information. Could you survive without your servers, internet or email for a day or for weeks if a building fire keeps you out? Vixsoft Systems can provide contingency plans for your valuable information.

How do I secure my network and data?

No single solution protects you from a variety of threats. To defend against multiple types of threats it is recommended that you use multiple layers of security. If one fails, others still stand. Network security is accomplished through hardware (Firewall's, Routers and Intrusion Prevention Systems) and software (Anti-Virus and Anti Spyware Solutions). The software must be constantly updated and managed to protect you from emerging threats.

Vixsoft Systems can manage and maintain your systems, removing the outlay for your own I.T. Personnel while still having a team of experts monitoring and keeping your data and network Infrastructure safe.

Managed firewall

We can plan, install, configure and manage firewalls in your network.

Using equipment from our partner company ZyXEL, we place protection around the network to prevent unauthorised access from external sources.

Managed remote access

Providing secure access to a highly distributed workforce is a challenge for any IT infrastructure small or large. Employees travel or work from home. Contractors and suppliers need controlled, secure access from their locations.

Through remote access services, we can design, implement and manage your remote network access solution. We provide network infrastructure that lets users securely access your network from PCs, smartphones or PDAs.

If you need to connect offices securely, protect your data or you wish to deploy a network security infrastructure, Vixsoft Systems Limited can help.





Virtualisation is a proven software technology that is fundamentally changing the way businesses compute. VMware virtualisation lets you move away from the traditional "one server, one application" model to running multiple virtual machines on a single physical server. This is achieved by using a VM Hypervisor that provides a mapping layer between the manufacturer's hardware components and the virtual machine itself.

When an operating system is installed on a virtualisation platform they are viewed as objects that appear and behave just like a physical server, with all its resources (CPU, RAM, storage and networking) and features (root/admin access, a complete operating system, application stack, reboots, etc.). But in reality, multiple virtual servers run side by side on the same piece of hardware, the physical (host) server.

Today's applications and operating systems only use a fraction of the resources available on a physical server. This means valuable computing power sits idle for long periods of time. VMware virtualisation puts those untapped resources to work for you, and reduces your IT costs at the same time.

Sounds good but how does this work for smaller companies who need more IT Capability, Less Cost and Complexity?

Small and midsize organisations face unique IT challenges. Your entire company runs on a few important applications, but reliable business technology can be complex and expensive. VMware makes IT simpler to manage and use, highly reliable, and a lot less costly - for tens of thousands of small and mid-size companies. Our solutions can do the same for you, so you can stay focused on managing and growing your business.

Run a Lot More Apps on a Lot Less Hardware

VMware virtualization consolidates your apps on many fewer physical machines, which are easily managed as a pooled resource. Nothing changes for your applications. Performance levels stay high or soar even higher, while you gain dramatic benefits:

  • 80% greater utilization of every server
  • Server count reduced by a ratio of 10:1 or better
  • Up to 50% savings in annual capital and operating costs

When an app or operating system fails, the problem is fully isolated: no other workloads are affected. When a server goes down, impacted applications are automatically restarted on another machine.

So what can Vixsoft do to help you make this move to Virtualisation?

Whether it be consolidating a few servers to reduce overheads and give you more flexibility or it be 100's of server we can assist you every step of the way from proof of concept to complete installation and migration of Physical to Virtual servers and maintain if required.

Why not speak to one of our technical team today and see how we can help you become more dynamic with your IT infrastructure




IT Outsourcing

Smaller companies IT systems are just as important as the global enterprises. At Vixsoft we understand this. The difference is that the skills, services and solutions which larger organisations IT operations take for granted have typically been beyond the reach of the small to medium sized business.

We can help bridge the gap and deliver enterprise-class solutions and services to the medium enterprises through to the small office user. You will not experience a difference in level of service. If you are a small office user or an organisation of a 1,000 users, to us IT in business is critical and not dependent on your company's size. Our Solutions can optimise your business systems by reducing IT overheads, maximising efficiency and overall service capability.

We can remotely manage your infrastructure so your staff can focus on their primary roles within the organisation. This is why our support and services are the preferred choice for technology solutions for many small and medium enterprises.

Think of us as your IT Department




Technical Consultancy Services

IT can be a daunting subject for many managers and contracting IT consultants is a great way for businesses of all sizes to benefit from industry expertise, without the need to employ specialised staff. We offer both short-term and longer-term consultancy and cover from taking your first steps with IT in Business to large scale IT projects. We are even backed by some vendors directly for additional support. 

Consultants can help you minimise the risk associated with IT projects that require expertise from the industry. Companies like ours can help you make the most of your current IT infrastructure and can provide valuable assistance and support when dealing with new business requirements and solutions.

Why Vixsoft Systems?

Established in 1984, originally as a software development company, we have gained a vast amount of experience in both hardware and software projects delivering real value to our clients. Our team of experts have helped our clients make informed decisions by listening to their needs and clearly identifying their strategic business objectives.

What areas can we help your business with?

Hardware and 3rd Party Software Consultancy

We are able to assist in the deployment and maintenance of hardware/software solutions which we tailor for each client so that you get a solution that fits around your company's needs. Whether it's a simple small server in a branch office, large WIFI project or Security solutions, with complex design implications, Vixsoft has the in-house resources and skills to deliver solutions to fit your needs and requirements from proof of concept through to supporting the solutions we provide long term. Our support team are on hand to deliver as much or as little assistance in projects as you require ensuring you get the expertise you need that fits your budget.

These Solutions include:

      • Backup Solutions both onsite and offsite
      • Microsoft Exchange & SPAM Filtering & Cloud Mail services
      • Failover/Load-balanced solutions
      • Database Solutions
      • Storage Solutions
      • Virtualised Infrastructure
      • Windows Server Technologies
      • WIFI infrastructure
      • Security appliances and software solutions(Firewall's, Antivirus etc)
      • Network infrastructure (VPN, MPLS, Leased lines, Switching, VLAN etc.)

and much more

Plan, Build and Manage the development of applications.

Plan, Build and Manage the development of applications that integrate into your systems and processes to create real value to your company and clients. This is achieved by assisting you in streamlining your business processes by creating applications that can bridge the gap between several systems or create applications to speed up or replace older methods of working. We are able to assist in building applications that work both on the desktop and in the web browser using both open source and commercial programming languages and databases like PHP, Microsoft C#, 4GL Sculptor, SQL and MySQL.




Hosted Voip Services

Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP simply provides a fully managed telephone service to your business, removing the need for you to purchase, install, maintain and upgrade expensive equipment.

Although the telephone service is fully managed, Hosted VoIP provides you with a simple but powerful web portal which allows you to configure any add-ons, moves or changes for the telephone system in real time, increasing the efficiency of your business.

Why buy a fully managed telephone service?

  • Free calls between sites on the IP network including those on the SIP Trunking service
  • Lower cost calls to all other destinations
  • Reduced line rental cost
  • Removes the requirement for capital expenditure on telephone system and its installation
  • Provides your business with a simple web portal to keep your telephone system configured just the way you need it, exactly when you need it
  • Flexible nature of licensing end users means extensions can be switched on and off as and when required – you are only charged for what you use
  • Plug-and-play phones – zero configuration required
  • Ability to keep your existing numbers
  • Advanced call control features accessible through an easy to use toolbar on your PC – never lose a call

How does it all work?

Compatible Hardware?

For a full list of compatible hardware please contact our sales team who will be happy assist