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Technical Consultancy Services

IT can be a daunting subject for many managers and contracting IT consultants is a great way for businesses of all sizes to benefit from industry expertise, without the need to employ specialised staff. We offer both short-term and longer-term consultancy and cover from taking your first steps with IT in Business to large scale IT projects. We are even backed by some vendors directly for additional support. 

Consultants can help you minimise the risk associated with IT projects that require expertise from the industry. Companies like ours can help you make the most of your current IT infrastructure and can provide valuable assistance and support when dealing with new business requirements and solutions.

Why Vixsoft Systems?

Established in 1984, originally as a software development company, we have gained a vast amount of experience in both hardware and software projects delivering real value to our clients. Our team of experts have helped our clients make informed decisions by listening to their needs and clearly identifying their strategic business objectives.

What areas can we help your business with?

Hardware and 3rd Party Software Consultancy

We are able to assist in the deployment and maintenance of hardware/software solutions which we tailor for each client so that you get a solution that fits around your company's needs. Whether it's a simple small server in a branch office, large WIFI project or Security solutions, with complex design implications, Vixsoft has the in-house resources and skills to deliver solutions to fit your needs and requirements from proof of concept through to supporting the solutions we provide long term. Our support team are on hand to deliver as much or as little assistance in projects as you require ensuring you get the expertise you need that fits your budget.

These Solutions include:

and much more

Plan, Build and Manage the development of applications.

Plan, Build and Manage the development of applications that integrate into your systems and processes to create real value to your company and clients. This is achieved by assisting you in streamlining your business processes by creating applications that can bridge the gap between several systems or create applications to speed up or replace older methods of working. We are able to assist in building applications that work both on the desktop and in the web browser using both open source and commercial programming languages and databases like PHP, Microsoft C#, 4GL Sculptor, SQL and MySQL.


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