Haulage and Transport Management Overview

Product Information

1home_betheme_icon_1Plan, Schedule, Track
2home_betheme_icon_1Innovative Features

Our innovative trailer board enables both single and multi-leg planning and tracking of vehicle fleets on a single screen offering a wide choice of search and view options. Our system also offers unprecedented flexibility; run as a stand-alone package or in conjunction with other products in the Vixsoft range, to provide seamless integration and visibility into all areas of your business.

3home_betheme_icon_1Work, Manage, Share

Our document storage facility allows paperwork relating to specific jobs to be electronically filed and recovered easily with minimum time and effort. This functionality is extended with additional Vixsoft plug-ins allowing users to, not only attach documents directly from within Microsoft Outlook 2007 and above, but have the ability for the system to receive bulk scanned documents produced by the system e.g. PODs with signatures and automatically attach them to the original job.

4home_betheme_icon_1Scale as you need

Our Freighfax 4 software offers you exceptional flexibility as it can be scaled to suit your particular requirements. Choose from a comprehensive suite of standard modules which can then be adapted, if required, to complement your methods of working. Our Software provides you with the option of adding on modules as you need them, giving you a system that is able to meet the demands of a growing and ever-changing business.

Product Features

1home_betheme_icon_1Managing the basics
2home_betheme_icon_1Vehicle Maintenance

In addition to our power freight transport management solution, we also offer an optional vehicle maintenance plug-in, which can seamlessly integrate and assist with operation's by allowing you to manage your fleet of trucks and trailers by tracking and scheduling your repairs and maintenance.

The system can assist and automate in the management of the vehicle maintenance jobs to avoid any disruptions to vehicles being unavailable or double booked. Repeat jobs such as MOT's can be re-booked on the diary in advance and the system can also facilitate the maintenance of 3rd party vehicles and trailers. In addition to this you are able to invoice out labour which can be set to automatically calculate base rates which you can pre-set in the settings.

3home_betheme_icon_1Software connectivity

  • HM Revenue & Customs connectivity via our freight management
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007+ Add-in
  • Link Documents (allow linking of documents and emails)
  • Barcode Scanner Add-in
  • PDF Writer
  • MAPI (For Legacy email clients)

And much much more.

4home_betheme_icon_1Document Management

With the ability to email documents straight out of the system along with creating a wide selection of industry standard and user defined prints, the system gives you the flexibility to make sure you have control to keep all parties in the loop. With it's easy to use interface, information can be retrieved and sent within seconds.

Here are just a few of the features found in our comprehensive suite:

  • Ability to raise quotations for new customers on the fly.
  • Create a Manifest for a Group of Transport Jobs.
  • Create a Sub Contractor Confirmation Note.
  • Supports both printing onto pre-printed stationary or a full graphical version available to send via email or post.
  • Allows documents to be attached to a job directly from Outlook or manually from a scanned document.
  • Produce Job Sheet, Vehicle/Trailer Inspection Sheet, Quote, Invoice and Internal Invoice/Docket. Ability to record tyre numbers to help manage the vehicles legal requirements.
  • Integrated stock control allows you to manage your stock for the jobs that you have planned. Re-order limits can be set ensuring you never run out of essential materials along with an integrated purchase order processing system that manages and re-orders stock.


The Power of MODULAR

Extending the Power of FreightFax In addition to the core FreightFax module, there are a number of fully integrated modules that construct a complete supply chain & Warehousing management solution. Adding these extra modules to FreightFax prevents entering the same data into multiple systems and allows you to provide high quality customer lead services.


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