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Updates regarding Brexit

Pre-lodgement of Declarations - Border Locations Announced.

EU Exit Access to Guidance and information
Using CHIEF for declaring goods into or out of Northern Ireland
Claiming preferential rates of duty between the UK and EU from 1 January 2021
Declaring reusable packaging for Great Britain imports and exports from 1 January 2021
Find out when to make an exit summary declaration
Customs Declaration Completion Requirements for Great Britain - CHIEF and CDS
Customs Declaration Completion Requirements for The Northern Ireland Protocol - CDS
Delayed Declaration Process at locations where CCSUK is the Community Systems Provider
Ongoing customs movements and procedures at the end of the transition period
Border Operating Model – Delayed Declarations
The Northern Ireland Protocol
Ports adopting GVMS
Additional data element required for Customs Declarations where customs duties maybe applicable (CIP 8)
Exporting and importing businesses: prepare for 1 January 2021
Dual NCTS System from 1st January 2021
Changes to accounting for VAT for Northern Ireland and Great Britain from 1 January 2021
How VAT will apply for goods imported into Northern Ireland from outside the UK or EU
VAT and overseas goods sold to customers in Great Britain using online marketplaces from 1 January 2021
VAT and overseas goods sold directly to customers in Great Britain from 1 January 2021
Vixsoft Company Statement regarding BREXIT - December 2020
HMRC Grant information for organisations wishing to complete declarations
Transporting goods between Great Britain and the EU from 1 January 2021: guidance for hauliers and commercial drivers
Trader Support Service for Northern Ireland
Reasonable Worst Case Scenario for borders at the end of the transition period
The Border with the European Union
Moving goods under the Northern Ireland Protocol
Moving excise goods as freight under the Northern Ireland Protocol from 1 January 2021
Customs Declaration Toolkit
CDS UK Imports Guide
CDS UK Exports Guide
CDS Finance guide
CDS Movement Reference Number (MRN) guide

Vixsoft Company Statement regarding BREXIT changes - December 2020

Vixsoft has been working towards the HMRC changes required for January 2021, progress has been made, but with everything that is required (Chief, NCTS, CDS and GVMS), we have concluded that we cannot guarantee to have all products ready for the end of 2020.

With changes being required in nearly all our HMRC modules, and new ones having to be written, there is just not enough time to get this all completed, as well as sufficient time to install and train users on the new developments.

Chief Changes for Brexit

We have made changes to our systems in respect of the new legislation, the latest customs declaration requirements are published here. With the deal now done, we are awaiting any last-minute changes from HMRC, if any, for the 1st January, and the software will be updated as soon as possible. We recommend customers keep checking

CDS availability for import/export entries from Northern Ireland

We have been and still are working on our CDS product. We now understand all functionality for CDS will not be ready in time, and we are not prepared to issue the software to our customer base that potentially will not work. We are therefore recommending that all our customers who do Northern Ireland entries to sign up to the TSS (Trader Support Service).


Our GB GVMS is almost complete but is still awaiting approval from HMRC. We aim to have this ready in the upcoming months, although the first release will be a standalone system that is not connected to our other modules. For NI GVMS we recommend using the online web version from 1st Jan.


Changes to the updated GB and NI NCTS regulations are now complete and have been tested with the Trader Test Packs to verify the readiness of the NCTS system.

Safety and Security

We can now complete and submit an EXS, exit summary declaration, from our customs export module if required.