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Vixsoft Company Statement regarding BREXIT changes - November 2020

Vixsoft have been working towards the HMRC changes required for January 2021, but with everything that is required (Chief, NCTS, CDS and GVMS), we have concluded that we cannot guarantee to have all  products ready for the end of 2020.

With changes being required in nearly all of our HMRC modules, and new ones having to be written, there is just not enough time to get this all completed, as well as sufficient time to install and train users on the new developments.

Chief Changes for Brexit

We have made changes to our systems in the event of a no deal Brexit, to be able to continue to provide support for our clients.  Despite being fully committed and working through these unprecedented times, we still yet do not fully understand what is required if there is a deal to be made for the 1st of January. Until the government have made a deal and we understand the full changes required of us, we are unable to progress at this time. Once the required changes are received and understood, this will then have to be our upmost priority.

CDS availability for import/export entries from Northern Ireland

We have been and still are working on our CDS product. This is also dependant on the functioning of a fully tested system from HMRC and at this point we cannot guarantee to have a working solution using CDS in place by the 1st of January. We currently do not have enough faith in the HMRC system as it stands, and we are not prepared to issue the software to our customer base that potentially will not work. We are therefore recommending that all our customers who do Northern Ireland entries to sign up to the TSS (Trader Support Service).


We are on target to have a working GVMS system by the end of the year, although the first release will be a standalone system that is not connected to our other modules.


We are working through recently issued specifications together with the new GB and NI trader test Packs to verify the readiness of the NCTS system.

Safety and Security

We are reviewing the new specifications to enable us to build in this functionality but are currently uncertain as to whether this can be achieved by the end of the year given the other ongoing changes above.