Warehouse and Coldstore Management Overview

Product Information

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2home_betheme_icon_1Live Data to the CAB

Uniquely, the application supports all the main bar-coding standards, together with hand-held, CAB devices and WIFI devices. This provides an increase in picking efficiency and can automate stock updates and movements from within the warehouse.

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Our document storage facility allows paperwork relating to specific jobs to be electronically filed and recovered easily with minimum time and effort. This functionality is extended with additional Vixsoft plug-ins allowing users to, not only attach documents directly from within Microsoft Outlook 2007 and above, but have the ability for the system to receive bulk scanned documents produced by the system e.g. PODs with signatures which automatically attaches them to the original job.

4home_betheme_icon_1Simple Workflow

Our simple graphical user interface speeds workflow. The system reduces administration costs and enables you to offer customers a fast and efficient service.

The application suite is able to connect to the Internet, email, EDI, and RF solutions and blends seamlessly into Vixsoft’s Accounts, Transport and Freight Management Systems, providing a powerfully integrated solution. With powerful reporting and auto-charging options, Pinpoint WMS provides centralised control over all inventories.

Product Features

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2home_betheme_icon_1Document Management

The software can produce endless amounts of documents by creating user-defined documents to cater to your every need.

Below is an example of some of the documents already included in the system.

  • POD's
  • Picking List / Collection
  • GRN's
  • Stock Ownership List
  • User-defined Documents

If you have a specific requirement please do not hesitate contacting us to discuss.

3home_betheme_icon_1Software connectivity

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007+ Add-in
  • Barcode Scanner Add-in
  • PDF Writer
  • EDI Messaging
  • MAPI (For Legacy email clients)
  • MySQL and SQL output
  • SAGE Connector
  • CAB / Mobile Device Connectivity
  • Email (Auto Schedule Reports)

And much much more.

4home_betheme_icon_1Online Portal

Allow your clients to interact with you directly by allowing them access to an on-line portal (via the internet) which they can view and query their stock and shipment information for themselves. This can be set-up to display live or scheduled transactions to suit your needs.


The Power of MODULAR

Extending the Power of FreightFax In addition to the core FreightFax module, there are a number of fully integrated modules that construct a complete supply chain & Warehousing management solution. Adding these extra modules to FreightFax prevents entering the same data into multiple systems and allows you to provide high quality customer lead services.


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